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Panis Domini (Pandemain: Traditional Farmers' Bread is live)

Update: Pandemain: Traditional Farmers' Bread has launched on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 17 days. If you back at the most expensive level, you can have your portrait on one of the cards. I would ask to have my face on a bread, if I were you.

Image source: BGG

Our Preview post below was published on October 5


Pandemain: Traditional Farmers' Bread is a 1-4 player worker placement game set in a medieval German village.

You are one of the local bakers, trying to make a name for yourself as the best bread maker in the area. On your turn, you send your workers to collect ingredients, complete recipes for various bread types, then go to the feudal lord's oven to bake (pandemain=lord's bread). If you don't have high quality flour, you can still bake something but it will taste like crap, and your customers will tell you to shove your loaves.

Nearby villages demand different types of bread, and when you sell your baked goods there, you earn the villagers' friendship (point bonuses). Since we are in the Middle Ages, church presence is strong, and requires offerings. If you neglect your religious duties, the Inquisition will punish you. In the evening, the bread goes stale and its value goes down accordingly*.

Solo rules have not yet been revealed. Hopefully they won't be half-baked.

Pandemain is going to Kickstarter on October 8.

*In fact, an incident of bread-related plague has been recorded in medieval Germany: consumption of rye infected by a fungus caused horrible symptoms and numerous deaths. 'Those afflicted felt as if they were being burned at the stake as their fingers and toes split open and dropped off, one by one'. A nice Inquisition simile. You can read more on

Image source: BGG

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Oct 08, 2019

28e shipping to Greece is killing it. Let's wait for retail, then...


Looks lovely, but so expensive I cba to even think about it, sigh... what a shame.

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