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Pangea: the first shall be the last

In Pangea you try to save a group of animals from the Great Dying (the End-Permian extinction, some 250 million years ago). It takes place on the titular supercontinent, and your species tries to gain control of regions - hopefully the one that survives the catastrophe.

Here's a solo preview from the Kickstarter campaign, by Ricky Royal:

The game is available in retail all over Europe now.

But. Production for the miniatures for ordinary backers has just started this week. The game will probably be delivered earlier than promised, they will be shipping it in batches near the end of the year. Still, that will be after it's available in retail. This ticks me off.

I know Kickstarter is not a store. I've supported the publisher (REDIMP GAMES) in the past even when a particular game was not for me. But this time I pledged for the game. And I'd like to be respected for that. I'd appreciate if producing my copy would be deemed more urgent than copies for retailers. I'd like to get it first, thank you.


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