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Pandemain is live (Pandemain is baking a new campaign)

Update: Pandemain: Traditional Farmers' Bread is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 30 days. There is only one pledge level for the game.

Our preview post below was published on March 16.


After an unsuccessful first launch in October, the 1-4 player worker placement game, Pandemain: Traditional Farmers' Bread returns to Kickstarter on March 17. I had written about Pandemain back then, but I am revising that post to include details about the solo mode.

Image source: BGG

You play as one of the bakers in a medieval German village, trying to make a name for yourself as the best bread maker in the area. On your turn, you send your workers to collect ingredients, complete recipes for various bread types, then go to the feudal lord's oven to bake (pandemain=lord's bread). If you don't have high quality flour, you can still bake, but your reputation will plummet.

Nearby villages demand different types of bread, and when you sell your baked goods there, you earn the villagers' friendship (point bonuses). Since we are in the Middle Ages, church presence is strong, and requires offerings. If you neglect your religious duties, the Inquisition will punish you. In the evening, the bread goes stale and its value goes down accordingly.

Image source: Amphora Games Facebook page

In the solo mode, you play against the automa deck. This is a deck of action cards that you can use to replicate up to three rival bakers. Each automated baker has their own characteristics: Rudolf is very competitive and is on excellent terms with the church. Hans is always asking for loans, and he is going to get money from you as well. Helga wants to climb the social ladder and only interacts with people of high reputation. The locations the automated bakers will occupy each turn are determined by their deck. You will follow the rules for the solo mode and each baker specifically, and you win if you gather more victory points than them.

You also have the option of playing scenarios instead of the standard version of the game. Here is an example in which you play against Rudolf, and have to use specific cards from his action deck:

Scenario 1: Famine in Ulm

A huge smile spread across Rudolf’s face as he began to cross over the bridge on his donkey. It would still be a few days before the other bakers in Nördlingen would discover that a plague of rats had eaten all the grain reserves in Ulm and that the people there were paying many pfennigs for bread from other towns. He planned on taking full advantage of this privileged information...

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