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The 7th Citadel is live (Once again, YOU are the hero)

Update: The 7th Citadel has launched on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 23 days. There is only one pledge option that gets you the game and the On the Edge of Peril exclusive expansion.

Our preview post below was published on September 17.


The 7th Citadel is a 1-4 player cooperative adventure game set in a medieval fantasy world. It shares similarities with Serious Poulp's mega-hit, The 7th Continent, but it is a standalone game. Kickstarter launch has been scheduled for September 22.

Image source: BGG

The 7th Citadel takes place in the Kel protectorate which has been under constant attack by giant worms: the Burrowers. After years of struggle, the city has sought the help of the Necrodruids. The Necrodruids are growing killer-plants that exterminate the worms, and you are working as a gardener-slave. Your everyday life is hell. However, things have started to change lately, and you are going to be part of these changes.

The game comes with lots of numbered cards that you will be gradually laying out to form a map and explore the territory. The cards will require you to take actions like climbing, fighting, lock-picking and overcoming obstacles by paying their cost. Each character will have their own action deck which they will be able to customize before the start of the campaign. Instead of solving Curses like in The 7th Continent, heroes will have to face Threats. Each Threat will last approx. 10 hours to complete but it will be split in separate scenarios that will allow for shorter playtime and easy saving.

Image source: BGG

When a fight with an enemy occurs, it may last for several rounds (signified by a die), and each round you will be required to have the necessary card combinations to succeed. Over the course of the game you will be meeting NPCs, and interacting with them by choosing potential dialogues each of which will lead to a different story path.

Image source: BGG

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