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On Tour (second edition) is live

We are a bit late for On Tour (second edition), as it launched on Kickstarter 3 days ago. You still have time to back the campaign, if you wish, as it will run for another 21 days.

This campaign features a slightly changed reprint of the 1-8 player roll-and-write game On Tour, along with the new European expansion. The box will fit 8 maps instead of the 4 of the first edition (they will be thinner), and the boards will have the map of Europe on the back side.

Image source: Kickstarter page

On Tour solo is a Beat-your-own-score game. You will be rolling a pair of D10s, and writing the results on the map, on the regions dictated by the cards you drew each turn. For example, if you roll a 3 and a 4, you will have to put a 34 and a 43 somewhere in the West, Center, North, South or East (three cards show which regions are available, and a city you may put the number in. If you do use that city, you circle the number on the map). At the end of the game, you draw a line that connects the numbers you wrote. Your total score is the number of states you visited plus any circled cities.

If you already have On Tour, you can pick up just the European expansion, that has a smaller, more challenging map.

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