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Obsession: Upstairs, Downstairs is live

Winner of the 1 Player Guild's Best Solitaire Game of 2018 award Obsession is back on Kickstarter. Time to improve your family estate once again, trying to reach your rightful place in 1860s high society. The campaign adds a streamlined second edition of the base game, a reprint of the first expansion, a new expansion Upstairs, Downstairs and a new solo mode.

Obsession Kickstarter overview
Image source: Kickstarter page

Upstairs, downstairs brings new tiles, new guests and four new servants that can be used for new strategies. The second printing of the base game features some streamlining of gameplay and small but useful changes like numbered tiles that speed up set up of the market. There will be no upgrade pack for backers of the first edition, but if they'd like to get the new components there's a discount for the complete second edition. Which means you could set the first edition proudly on display in the cabinet in your parlour.

The campaign is live on Kickstarter and will run for 29 days. Extra funds may go into discounted shipping, a worthy stretch goal if we ever saw one.

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