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Nubia besieged

Nubia: Egypt's Black Heirs had been released by White Dog Games in June but it largely went unnoticed, at least in the 1PG parts that I frequent. The unusual theme and the credentials of the designer made me think that it's worth posting about, even if we are a little late.

This is a solitaire game in which you rule the three Christian kingdoms of medieval Nubia. The year is 1172, and the region is under siege. You have to defend it from the onslaught of the Funj people and the Arabs. This means a States of Siege type of gameplay, enriched with more actions and decision space. You will have to send your army to battle, fortify the monasteries, and diplomatically marry off your daughters. Success also depends on the abilities of the current king and his advisor, the Coptic Church bishop.

Ben Madison, the designer, has created a game that blends Darin Leviloff's SoS system with his own Gorbachev-The Fall of Communism. Traces of Madison's Mound Builders game can be found here as well, as you first build your empire and then try to prevent its collapse.

You can order Nubia from the White Dog Games website.

Image source: BGG

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