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No more monthly bleeding for Arkham Horror expansions

Starting with the next pair of expansions, Arkham Horror: The Card Game will change its release model. Until now for each cycle you had to buy a deluxe expansion containing 5 new investigators and the start of a campaign, followed by six monthly Mythos Packs to complete the campaign. From now on, there will be just two boxes: one with investigators, one with the whole campaign.

The campaign of the Edge of the Earth Campaign Expansion will take place in Antarctica, where your plane crashed after something swapped it out of the sky. Now you and the other expedition team members not only have to try to uncover the terrible secrets buried in the ice, but also try to survive the harsh environment with minimal means.

The story will be more dynamic than previous ones. Depending on your choices and the outcome of events, later playthroughs may be quite different.

You can play through the campaign with any investigators you already own (even from the core box) or buy the connected Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion. This will give you five new investigators plus some 250 player cards. Some investigators will focus on two classes and the expansion features new multi-class player cards, adding new options to deckbuilding and providing new playstyles.

Suggested retail prices are $60 for the campaign, and $40 for the investigator pack. This is cheaper than the previous cycles (that had an suggested total price of $120). And no more monthly waits. The release frequency of new expansion boxes has not been disclosed yet.

The new expansions are available for preorder on the Fantasy Flight Games website, so pretty soon in any shop of your choice as well. Until then you can read up on the original expedition, Elder Things and shoggoths in Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness.

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1 Comment

Jun 04, 2021

The only monthly bleeding in my house is from my girlfriend.😉

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