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Night of the plastic dead (Zombicide 2nd Edition is live)

Update: Zombicide 2nd Edition is undead on Kickstarter. The campaign will run for 21 days. There's a new Washington Z.C. Expansion which brings us a story-driven campaign. You can also buy the new stand-alone role-playing game Zombicide: Chronicles for even more immersion.

Our preview post below was published on 10 October.


CMON's original Zombicide has been resurrected: Zombicide Second Edition is coming to Kickstarter on October 16.

Like it's predecessor, Zombicide 2nd edition is a 1-6 player cooperative game set in a world overrun by the undead. Players search the modular tiles for gear, and attempt to fight the zombies. As the game progresses, heroes improve their skills, and enemies spawn in greater numbers. So, what's new, zombie cat?

First of all, more minis: "The horrific and monstrously massive Abomination zombies return, except now there are twice as many ready to feast on player brains". Then we have: plastic dashboards, six survivors plus six children, 25 inter-linked scenarios (ten from the original game plus fifteen new ones). The creators state that the gameplay has been streamlined and rules have been updated, for example in the handling of doors and cars. Instead of placing tokens, now the doors are on the map tiles. The cars will let you choose the speed you'll be driving at, and spawn points for the zombies are always on the same spot. Hence the claim that setup will only take 3 minutes.

It will be interesting to see if the game will be compatible with CMON's upcoming Teburu project, perhaps as a stretch goal.

Image source: BGG

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