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Boogeyman The Board Game is live (Night of the Boogeyman)

Update: Boogeyman The Board Game has launched on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 17 days. You may pledge for the core box only, or also get the Mysterious Visitor expansion.

Our preview post below was published on March 26.


Boogeyman The Board Game is a 1-7 player cooperative adventure game in which children left at home with the babysitter have to face the Boogeyman and the babysitter herself. It will launch on Kickstarter on March 30.

Image source: Escape Studios Games Facebook

In Boogeyman, you are taking the role of the children. Their parents have gone out and they have been left inside the house with the babysitter. Before they go to sleep, the babysitter tells them the story of the boogeyman who is hiding in the dark. As a result, the children are unable to sleep and instead go around the house looking for objects they can use to fight both the boogeyman and the babysitter who turns out to be possessed by evil.

To start the game, you will first set up the board which shows the interior of Villa Spencer, and seed the rooms with tokens. On each turn, a character can move, turn on/off the lights by flipping a light bulb token, or search for objects by revealing the other tokens stacked in the rooms. Some tokens signify noise and, when revealed, they will activate the babysitter who is going to move towards the closest child. When you flip a token, and the babysitter is not yet in the same room as you, you will draw a card that corresponds to that token and execute its instructions.

Image source: Escape Studios Games Facebook

After the children take their actions, it is the boogeyman's turn. The boogeyman's appearance in the rooms is randomly generated by revealing tokens. If the babysitter or the boogeyman land in the same room as a child, they attack it. You draw a card that determines the type of attack (for example, the babysitter is trying to strangle the child with a necklace), and then the child rolls a die for defense. If the defense fails, they fall unconscious.

To win the game, you must find three specific items (tokens of the same colour) and carry them to the room indicated by the game. There are 30 different finales you can experience when you reach the end, and Boogeyman can be played in 3 different modes: solo/co-op, competitive with one player controlling the boogeyman and the babysitter, and semi-co-op where the first child captured by the boogeyman turns against the other children.

(I have gathered this information by watching an Italian video with auto-translated subtitles, so I apologize in case the gameplay description is not entirely accurate).

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