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Hellboy expansions and dice game are live (New hellish creatures for Hellboy - and a dice game)

Update: The campaign for the four expansions of Hellboy: The Board Game and Hellboy: The Dice Game is live on Kickstarter and it will run for 10 days. You can only pledge for the expansions and dice game as a bundle, and the dice game is unfortunately not soloable. (You will be able to buy them separately when they hit retail).

Our preview post below was published on April 26.


Hellboy: The Board Game returns to Kickstarter tomorrow, April 27, with 4 new expansions and a small game set in the same universe: Hellboy: The Dice Game.

The four expansions are: Storm and Fury, End of Days, Pandemonium, and Hell on Earth.

In Storm and Fury, Hellboy has to face Nimue in her dragon form.

End of Days comes with new agents (Abe Sapien and Sledgehammer among them), a new Case File, new Deck of Doom cards and new Requisition cards.

Image source: Mantic Games website

Pandemonium also includes a new Case File and cards, and new bosses to fight against (a big monster called Hammerhead and the demon girl Varvara).

Hell on Earth brings in new minions (Crickets and Ogdru Hem) as well as a new Case File and Encounter cards.

Image source: Mantic Games website

Hellboy: The Dice Game is meant to offer a quick Hellboy experience for when you don't have the time to set up the board game. You are playing as a newly recruited B.P.R.D. exploring a mysterious location through a sequence of rooms. Your abilities and resources (represented by dice) are limited at first, and you can choose to either push your luck and explore further or play it safe and proceed more slowly. The rooms will contain either frog swarms or dangerous frog monsters, or worse. Your goal is to be the first to uncover 15 clues, and it is not yet known if the game has a solo mode.

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