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Windward: Treacherous Skies is live (New challenges in the skies)

Update: Windward: Treacherous Skies and a big box to store both the expansion and the base game have launched on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 26 days. You may pledge for the Upgrade kit if you already have Windward, or go for the Collector's edition that includes everything.

Our preview post below was published on September 27.


Windward: Treacherous Skies is an expansion to the 1-5 player action selection and pick-up-and-deliver game Windward. It will launch on Kickstarter on September 29.

Image source: El Dorado Games Facebook page

In the solo mode of Windward, you are playing as a pirate who hunts large flying beasts (Cresters) in the skies of your planet. One day, you decide to capture an adolescent Leviathan to train as your own. All the red Cresters are now after you. Your goal is to defeat six red and one white Crester. On your turn, you can move your ship on the board depending on the direction of the wind. You may also give orders to your crew, use cards to gain bonuses, or fight a Crester. Fighting is performed by rolling dice. For every red Crester that you kill, the remaining ones gain one extra movement.

The new expansion introduces a black market that players can make deals with, scouts that captains can add to their fleet, world event cards, and a third level of elevation on the board. How these extra elements affect the solo mode remains to be seen.

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