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Natural High: October KS Grumpy

JW (taking off his raincoat): It's cold, and raining cats and dogs outside! Let's have some herbal tea to warm up. And I'd like to chill with some Kickstarters... Got any?

Athena: Sure, just what you need. Herbaceous "Pocket". *wink*

JW: Ah-ha-haah! Now we finally know what kind of "herbs" they're talking about, with this re-release in a snuff box. I knew that 5 point card was a space cake.

Athena: Speaking of trippy, how about Lost Ones?

JW: Takes place in a "magical realm of dreams", has a Choose Your Own Path Storybook and... *dozes off*

Athena: Oh, I guess you need a stimulant. Want to draw maps in Cartographers: Heroes?

JW: Yes! Man, that game's thematic. You really feel like a hero colouring in polyominoes in a grid. Maps of a fantasy land you'd frame - if they weren't so puking ugly.

Image source: BGG

Athena: Okay. Let's check what options we have in sci-fi. Neo-Morphosis: Infestation is relaunching but it suddenly looks boring compared to my fellow Greeks' game creation.

JW: Which one is that?

Athena: U.S.S. Freedom. A space opera with an orthodox priest, a cleaning lady, and a hipster.

JW: Seriously. You guys need to lay off the pills.

Athena: Yeah, I'm hooked on even heavier stuff: Candy Caine, the saccharine sadist.

JW: What are you talking about?

Athena: Townsfolk Tussle, the vintage cartoons. Or I can submerge myself in the abyss to study angler fish and red jellyfish in The Mariana Trench. Just look at those shapes and colours.

JW: Athena, you're hallucinating. Get off of it!

Athena: Okay, okay! Let's cool down with Frostpunk.

JW: I'm a bit uncomfortable with that phallus thing spewing out cubes all the time.

Athena: Do you prefer Endless Winter: Paleoamericans?

JW: Nah. I'll go for the Neoamericans of Freedom Five: A Sentinel Comics Board Game. You know I'm a sucker for superheroes.

Athena: Dudes flying around in leotards... You call yourself sober?

JW: I guess I am feeling a little dizzy. Might be from Dungeon Drop: Dropped Too Deep though. I see cubes flying everywhere now!

Athena: Okay, we need to pull ourselves together. Check out Soldiers in Postmen's Uniforms.

JW: I did, you know DVG is my regular supplier. And then their pledge manager opens, and I add more and more. Athena, we're helpless. I don't see us kicking the habit... Say after me: My name is JW, and I am an addict.

Athena (frowning): my name's not JW.

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3 commentaires

Kevin Shaud
Kevin Shaud
08 oct. 2020

"I'm a bit uncomfortable with that phallus thing spewing out cubes all the time."

I'm laughing uncontrollably


02 oct. 2020

Another very lively KS grumpy post! These are truly my favorites, thanks for keeping up and always finding new ways to make it weird and fun!


02 oct. 2020

"that phallus thing spewing out cubes all the time."

Words, they escape me.

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