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Natural High: October KS Grumpy

JW (taking off his raincoat): It's cold, and raining cats and dogs outside! Let's have some herbal tea to warm up. And I'd like to chill with some Kickstarters... Got any?

Athena: Sure, just what you need. Herbaceous "Pocket". *wink*

JW: Ah-ha-haah! Now we finally know what kind of "herbs" they're talking about, with this re-release in a snuff box. I knew that 5 point card was a space cake.

Athena: Speaking of trippy, how about Lost Ones?

JW: Takes place in a "magical realm of dreams", has a Choose Your Own Path Storybook and... *dozes off*

Athena: Oh, I guess you need a stimulant. Want to draw maps in Cartographers: Heroes?

JW: Yes! Man, that game's thematic. You really feel like a hero colouring in polyominoes in a grid. Maps of a fantasy land you'd frame - if they weren't so puking ugly.

Image source: BGG

Athena: Okay. Let's check what options we have in sci-fi. Neo-Morphosis: Infestation is relaunching but it suddenly looks boring compared to my fellow Greeks' game creation.

JW: Which one is that?

Athena: U.S.S. Freedom. A space opera with an orthodox priest, a cleaning lady, and a hipster.

JW: Seriously. You guys need to lay off the pills.

Athena: Yeah, I'm hooked on even heavier stuff: Candy Caine, the saccharine sadist.

JW: What are you talking about?

Athena: Townsfolk Tussle, the vintage cartoons. Or I can submerge myself in the abyss to study angler fish and red jellyfish in The Mariana Trench. Just look at those shapes and colours.

JW: Athena, you're hallucinating. Get off of it!

Athena: Okay, okay! Let's cool down with Frostpunk.

JW: I'm a bit uncomfortable with that phallus thing spewing out cubes all the time.

Athena: Do you prefer Endless Winter: Paleoamericans?

JW: Nah. I'll go for the Neoamericans of Freedom Five: A Sentinel Comics Board Game. You know I'm a sucker for superheroes.

Athena: Dudes flying around in leotards... You call yourself sober?

JW: I guess I am feeling a little dizzy. Might be from Dungeon Drop: Dropped Too Deep though. I see cubes flying everywhere now!

Athena: Okay, we need to pull ourselves together. Check out Soldiers in Postmen's Uniforms.

JW: I did, you know DVG is my regular supplier. And then their pledge manager opens, and I add more and more. Athena, we're helpless. I don't see us kicking the habit... Say after me: My name is JW, and I am an addict.

Athena (frowning): my name's not JW.

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