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SOS Titanic is a 1-5 player Patience-style card game in which you are trying to save as many passengers as possible from the Titanic before it sinks. The game was originally published in 2013 and has now come back in a deluxe edition by TGG Games. You can order a copy from their website.

Image source: TGG Games website

To set up the game, you will open the spiral book on the first page that shows the ship at the beginning of its sinking. There are four compartments at the bottom of the page, each carrying a specific number of passenger and lifeboat cards. In the solo mode, you will select one crew card that gives you a special ability and also receive as many Action cards as your crew member allows.

On each turn, you can Move the passengers, and then either play an Action card, or Set up the passengers' rescue. To Move passengers, you first check the revealed card(s) of each compartment and see if you can move one or more passengers to another compartment if they fit a numerical order (e.g. 6,5,4) and they are of the same class (first and second class passengers cannot mingle). You may also move passengers to an empty compartment, if the highest 1st class passenger is number 13, or the 2nd class passenger is number 17. If a lifeboat is revealed, you can start a new group of passengers underneath it.

Image source: TGG Games website

If you choose to play an Action card, you simply execute its instructions and discard it. If you choose to Set up the passengers' rescue, you draw as many passenger cards from the main deck as your crew member allows and check if any of them can be placed in a compartment. If so, you place only one of them. If not, you haven't saved anyone and you have to flip a page from the Titanic book. In compensation for your failure, you draw one new Action card.

As the Titanic sinks further and further, compartments will start to flood. This means you have to transfer the passengers of a flooded compartment into the adjacent one by shuffling the two stacks together. The game ends either when the Titanic sinks completely or when you manage to save all passengers. In case of the latter, you may calculate your score according to the instructions in the rulebook.

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