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Monsters on Board is live

Monsters on Board is a 1-4 player dice drafting game in which you are trying to gather spook juice to treat your guests in a monster party. It is now live on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 21 days. You may back either the standard (standees) or the deluxe edition (minis), or combine the deluxe edition with the Monster Mixer expansion.

Image source: Final Frontier Games Facebook page

In Monsters on Board, you will be drafting Monster Lords (custom dice) from their Fearmobiles. Lords and their minions will be sent to scare the people of Startleton, and then enter the Order of Spider Jack to gain actions. When Spider Jack is summoned, he awards the Lords with bonuses. Finally, arch monster cards and ghosts will be purchased to grant the buyer extra benefits if their requirements are fulfilled.

In the solo mode of the game, you will play against Spider Jack. He has his own deck of cards which define his dice drafting preferences. Spider Jack sends Monster Lords both to town and to the Order of his cult, following specific placement rules. He then summons himself to score his current row of dice. He also buys arch monster cards and ghosts, and has his own scoring rules.

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