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Mind the Space Void

Voidfall is a 1-4 player 4X sci-fi eurogame in which asymmetric factions try to restore balance in the galactic empire while rivaling each other for the most influence. In the co-op and solo modes, your goal is to repel the corruptive presence of the Voidborn. The campaign will launch on Kickstarter on September 28.

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In the cooperative mode of Voidfall, you are playing as the leader of a noble House over three game cycles. You will be using a deck of Focus cards to perform actions and develop your technology, advance your civilization, and manage your population, infrastructure, and production. You will also be fighting against Voidborn forces with your space fleet, and make sure you have more influence than them at the end of the game, or more than 300 influence at the end of your turn and have sealed all rifts on the map.

To make things more challenging, since you won't have another faction to mess with your plans, the co-op/solo game comes with Crisis cards: these are events that get revealed once per player turn and add extra pressure and requirements (e.g. build a defense sector, or advance on the civ track). These cards will stay on the board until they are resolved. If you cannot fulfill their demands by the end of your turn, you have the option of either suffering their penalty and discarding them, or leaving them on the Threat board. If the latter, the cards shift position as more of them are being added, and may eventually lead to a Catastrophe. Catastrophes augment the power of the Voidborn, and if you ever suffer four of them, you lose.

Image source: BGG

The cooperative mode also has special Joint Focus cards that allow players to join their forces by making actions cheaper or stronger. If you choose to play pure solo, you will have access to the Unity Focus which lets you either use a Joint Focus card, or do an action from a Focus card you haven't yet played.

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