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Mid-year raiders

How time flies. Six months left in 2021, and I'm still not broke. I need to try harder. Inspired by Athena's radar post, I'll see what options I've got. These are my Raiders of the Last DMark.

From Athena's list there are two games that are on my list as well. I'm definitely looking forward to the reimplemented Club Stories: Eleven: Football Manager Board Game. Dutch design! My daughter also likes football (and board games), but is only interested in women's teams. So let's hope they'll be included. For City of Chaos (25th Anniversary Edition) I'm counting on Athena to back it and then be bored with it real quick, so I can buy it from her for cheap.

But apart from that, no overlap. Wow.


1. The War on Money

Malta Besieged box
Image source: Worthington Publishing website

I'll probably buy one of the deluxified States of Siege reprints by Worthington Publishing: Malta Besieged, Soviet Dawn or Keep Up the Fire. Second-hand copies of the old Victory Point Games editions are hard to find and very expensive. These deluxe versions are as well, but at least they've got something to show for it. And I'm shallow enough to enjoy that. Malta Besieged is one I've wanted to try for ages.

I really really really hope Miracle at Dunkerque (the reimplementation of A Spoiled Victory) will be released this year, but I won't hold my breath.

2. Black Death and Psychos

Unconscious Mind box
Image source: game page on BGG

There's not much info on Messina 1347 yet, but the theme's intriguing: the entry of the plague epidemic in Europe. I guess there'll be gameplay info around Spiel '21, so I'll wait patiently. I'm completely hooked on Underwater Cities and want to try other games by Vladimír Suchý now as well. Has any of you played Praga Caput Regni by any chance?

After that I want to dive into the Unconscious Mind. It must be so cool to play Alfred Adler and talk my patients into an inferiority complex. No, honestly, are there any other games in which he's a playable character? I want them as well! So cool!

3. Space, Space, Space, Space!

Voidfall box
Image source: game page on BGG

I like Space. What do I like better? More Space! So Voidfall? A 4x Space game? Are you kidding me? Oh yes please! Hm. I may need to compare it to Age of Galaxy though. That pocket sized game could be like eight times cheaper and still fun... Though you can never have enough space.

So I'll also have a look at Singularity Sky. And Helionox: Chronicles of course. I like the deck builder a lot, let's see what an extended board game looks like.

What else? Expansions! You know? Expanding Space? Stuff like SpaceCorp: Ventures. It adds ten unique player headquarters, and the choice of four -more competitive- opponent headquarters, and also new era-specific contract cards. I'm really excited for those headquarters, I love variety in player boards. SpaceCorp is a game I already long for to play again, and I hope the expansion will finally put it in frequent rotation for me.

4. The Usual Suspects

I'll probably buy some selected hero packs for Marvel Champions. I want some of those of Guardians of the Galaxy (Gamora, Drax) already, and I'm sure they'll keep pumping out stuff I love. Speaking of Fantasy Flight Games, normally I would be all over Descent: Legends of the Dark, but it needs an app. I'll try to convince myself that that's a no-no. Oh, if I remember the artwork was kind of weird as well. That seals it.



So it looks like the next half year is going to be absolutely great and ruin me financially. Unfortunately all my best made plans tend to end the same way. I see a dice game, I buy it. And before I know it there'll be no money left for my carefully curated selection. No new masterpieces for me. I'll end up with a drawer full of One Deck Galaxy and the likes.

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