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The Matchbox Collection is live (Matchbox collection part 2)

Update: The Matchbox Collection that consists of 15 Days, EIYO, Rebis, Space Lunch and Golems (one solitaire game, four soloable) is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 10 days. You can only acquire the games as a bundle, and choose either the standard or the limited edition. The limited edition includes a big box (shaped like a suitcase) to store them in, and 4 playmats. Sleeves and achievement booster packs are available as add-ons.

Our preview post below was published on February 28.


Thundergryph Games will launch a series of five small soloable games on Kickstarter on March 3. This is a preview of the 1-2 player games, Space Lunch and Golems.

In the solo mode of Space Lunch, you play against a hungry AI. After you set up a grid of 9 food cards, you place a token below the leftmost column and another token on the side of the bottom row. You also take one or two coupons (depending on the difficulty) which allow you to manipulate the grid to your favour. The Beverage cards are not used in the solo game.

Image source: Thundergryph Games website

Your goal is to collect three sets of three identical dishes. On your turn, you pick up one of the cards in the column above the token (the token moves one step to the right each turn), then refill the grid. The AI takes the card on which the two tokens converge (the second token moves upwards every turn as well).

If the AI collects three or four (depending on the difficulty) sets of two identical cards, it wins the game. It also wins if there are only six food cards left on the grid. Bon Appetit.


In Golems, you are trying to collect gems by summoning Golems to assist you. In the solo game, you play against a bot. You create a grid of 9 cards and keep one Rune card in your hand. On your turn, you select a row, take the card you want, and place gems on the cards you don't want. You continue in this way until you have collected five cards. If the row only has one card, you take both the card and the gems on it.

Image source: Thundergryph Games website

Golems can act either as resources or as summons. If you are missing a resource, you may flip a Golem card upside down to use it for its resource. If you have all the resources needed to summon a Golem, you discard them, and place the Golem face up in your play area. Runes can also act as resources or be kept for their score value.

The bot takes the remaining cards and gems that you didn't pick. If the bot receives a Golem card, it summons that Golem. If the main deck runs out and you cannot refill the grid, the game ends. You then calculate both your score and the bot's by adding victory points from Golems, Runes and Gems. If you happen to run out of gems during the course of the game, you immediately lose.

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