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Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape is live (Massive changes in the Darkness)

Update: Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape is live on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 21 days. You can either pledge for the game or have the campaign expansion included. Both pledge levels include an upgrade pack for users of the public beta, containing cards to use their existing heroes and monsters in this improved second edition.

Our preview post below was published on July 30.


Massive Darkness 2: Hellscape is a 1-6 player cooperative dungeon crawl game that builds upon its predecessor, Massive Darkness. CMON will bring it to Kickstarter on August 4.

Image source: CMON Facebook page

In MD2, a group of heroes descends in hellish depths to find and exterminate evil foes. So far 6 character classes have been revealed: Paladin, Rogue, Ranger, Wizard, Shaman, and Berserker. Each one of these plays differently and comes with its own set of components. For example, the Wizard has an action rondel and spell cards, whereas the Rogue has action tokens that you pull out from a bag. On each turn, a hero will be able to perform 3 actions: move, attack or trade. When you enter a Shadow zone, you will roll the special Shadow dice that may grant you a powerful ability.

Image source: BGG

Enemy activation has changed from what it used to be in Massive Darkness. Mobs spawn a Leader and one Minion per player, and each Minion adds one Monster die to the Mob attack and defense rolls. Mobs carry useful items that you will be able to acquire if you kill them. The new game also has Roaming Monsters and Bosses who come with their own tiles, dashboard and ruleset.

Image source: BGG

The Heavenfall expansion adds a campaign mode with 14 scenarios, a town and NPCs. Each campaign consists of 8 scenarios, so you can't experience all of them at once.

If you already own Massive Darkness, the free Upgrade Pack that you can add to your pledge will allow you to bring the characters you have from the previous game into the new one.

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