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MAGDA is live

MADGA is a solitaire card game about traveling in space by using your dreams as fuel. An AI called MAGDA jealously wants to keep you for herself and prevent you from gathering the necessary artifacts to travel back home. The game is live on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 30 days. You may back either the standard or the Collector's edition that includes foil cards and features MAGDA in a saucy pose. There is also a Limited Edition option that gets you a story book and additional artwork.

Image source: BGG

For as long as you, the pilot, are sleeping and dreaming, MAGDA is pleased. When you land on a planet or carry out a mission, however, she gets angry and throws obstacles at you. On each round, you will be dealing 3 cards from the Pilot deck in front of you. This is called the Queue. You also select a Manifest card that will give you your current objectives. Each of these objectives has arrows that point in different directions. On each turn, you select one of the cards in the Queue and play it next to any of the Manifest objectives. If you reveal a Crew card, you can take it to assist you.

When you draw a card that irritates MAGDA, e.g. a planet card, you have to immediately draw a card from her deck and suffer its negative consequences. You win if you manage to reach your home planet.

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