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Madoshi is live

Madoshi is a 1-2 player abstract strategy game in which priests of the sun and the moon are capturing Yokai. It is live on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 17 days. You may pledge for a single or multiple copies.

Image source: Kickstarter page

In Madoshi, you first select if you are going to play as the sun or the moon priest, and then place the coloured discs randomly on the board. Three level 1 Yokai cards will be present at the start of the game, and will progress in difficulty as you fight them. To fight a Yokai, you check its pattern requirements and then swap the places of two discs. If you manage to match the Yokai pattern, you earn its points. Each Yokai card has an effect which may force you to flip discs to their back side and make them either 'wild' (standing for any colour) or 'void' (cannot be swapped).

These are the basic rules of the 2-player game. I assume the solo goal is to capture as many Yokai as possible, but the campaign page doesn't say anything unfortunately.

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