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Luftwaffe am Morgen

Compass Games is releasing a new aerial warfare game that reimplements last year's Nightfighter Ace: Air Defense over Germany 1943-44. The new game is called Interceptor Ace: Daylight Air Defense Over Germany 1943-44, and besides taking place by day, it puts the player in the position of a German pilot who tries to intercept American bombers (it is British bombers in the nighttime version).

The game is designed by Gregory M. Smith, the name behind the successful GMT game The Hunters: U-Boats at War 1939-43. Like the Hunters, both daytime and nighttime pilot games are rich in theme and tension (and dice rolling). The goal of the player is to improve his skills, gain experience and prestige, and become ace pilot of Top Gun fame.

The company is currently seeking proofreaders for the rulebook, and has planned the official release for October.

Image source: BGG

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