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Life is simple

I am fond of small games. I admire a design that needs little components. I am thankful for easy rules. One of the best finds for me has been Mini Rogue. I have played the dungeon key variant of this game 40 times now. And once again it was good fun.

Mini Rogue

I think I should make a new copy of the PnP, with better colours on thicker paper, as it absolutely deserves it.

One day in 2020 we'll probably have the extended Kickstarter edition. First I was a bit afraid it would needlessly complicate the game. But I've seen it at the UKGE and I think it will still be very nice. Not bare-bones simple anymore, but still in the same vein.

Mini Rogue at the UKGE 2019

And as I may have doubled my plays by then I am not really sure I'd want to keep playing it over and over anyway. Though I am simple.

We are simple, you are simple

Life is simple, too

#MiniRogue #PnP

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