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Liberation legends

The Liberation of Rietburg is a standalone cooperative adventure game for 1-4 players set in the world of The Legends of Andor. It will be soon released in retail by KOSMOS.

Image source: Thames & Kosmos website

King Brandur's fortress has been occupied by monsters. A party of heroes has come to liberate Rietburg, and they must hurry, because the dragon Tarok is flying there too. There are six pending tasks, and the heroes must complete four of them to win. If the narrator deck ever runs out, Tarok has arrived and the game is lost.

The game can be played solo by controlling multiple characters. Each hero has a set of 3 cards that offer various action options. On your turn, you choose one of these options to execute. If a hero runs out of cards, another hero can play 'revitalization' and get them to replenish their hand once again. Heroes can also perform free actions such as picking up items and completing tasks.

Image source: BGG

When a battle with a monster takes place, you compare the hero's battle value with that of the monster. If the number is not high enough to beat the enemy, you can add willpower points to boost the result. Heroes can assist each other in battles as long as they are in the same location.

jPlay has filmed a playthrough:

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