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Legends of the App

Descent: Legends of the Dark is a 1-4 player cooperative app-driven fantasy game in which a band of heroes is journeying across the land of Terrinoth and facing the enemies that plague it. The game is currently available to purchase from your local retailers.

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To start the game, you switch on the app and select the scenario you are going to play as well as the heroes of your party. Then you set up the hero boards on the table together with their weapon cards. Each hero has a unique action they can perform, as mentioned on their board. The app will also tell you which tiles to use as your starting terrain.

On a hero's turn you can take three actions, one of which must be a maneuver (movement). They can explore (interact with a token or object on the map), fight, ready a card, or take their unique hero action. When you move a hero towards an object or an enemy, you have to drag their icon on the app as well. Fights are resolved by rolling dice. You count your successes and also power your weapons by placing fatigue tokens on them. The amount of damage you deal to the enemy is the number of successes you rolled multiplied by the power of your weapon. The app shows you how much damage you deal as well as how much you take.

Image source: BGG

Interaction with terrain and objects may require that your pass a skill test. You will again roll your dice and modify the result depending on the stat needed for the test (e.g. your might). The Hero phase is followed by the Darkness phase. You discard fatigue tokens from your weapon, resolve any negative conditions you may have gained, and then activate the enemies. When an enemy attacks a hero, the hero rolls dice for defense, and then suffers the remaining damage.

In the City phase, the heroes go into town (on the app) to forge weapons, buy items from the market, and encounter an event. When you visit the World Map on the app, it shows your main quest and also gives you side quests and narrative bits that your hero may wish to experience.

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