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Lead your tribes to the future

The Cannes International Games Festival is taking place this February, and Super Meeple will be there to present their 1-5 player civilization game Genesia to the public.

In Genesia you are leading your people across three different eras: Antiquity, Middle Ages, and Modern times. In the multiplayer game, you begin each era by drafting the cards you want from those available, and by gaining a set income. You then go through four phases: Growth, Expansion, Attack, End. You will be recruiting clans to place in your region, moving them in other areas, and choosing to attack other players or not.

Image source: Super Meeple Facebook page

In the solo mode, you play as the spirit of an ancestor who will be guiding two tribes along the ages. Your goal is to conquer the most and the best regions, and you may achieve this by making sure your tribes are prosperous, build cities and develop technologies. Both of your tribes are peaceful and there will be no Attack phase. Contrary to the multiplayer mode, you won't be drafting cards at the beginning of each phase, and you won't be receiving any starting income. At the end of the game, you will only count the score of your weakest tribe.

The French edition of the game will hit the stores next month, and I assume an English version is to follow.

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Image source: BGG

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