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Canvas is live (Layers of paint)

Update: Canvas has launched on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 28 days. Besides the base game, the pledge options include a mini expansion and the addition of premium components (easels and wooden tokens).

Our preview post below was published on April 18.


Canvas is a 1-5 player card drafting and hand management game about participating in an art competition. It will launch on Kickstarter on April 21.

Image source: Road To Infamy Games Facebook page

The game uses transparent cards that you will be layering against a background to form complete paintings and score. To begin, you take three backgrounds and four inspiration tokens. In the middle of the table will be a 'market' with scoring cards and five transparent cards to choose from. On your turn, you either take one of the transparent art cards or complete a painting. You can take the leftmost market card for free, but if you want any of the others, you must place an inspiration token on every card you skip. To complete a painting, you insert three of your transparent cards in a sleeved background. Then, compare the icons of your painting to the requirements of the scoring cards.

Image source: BGG

In the solo mode, you play against an AI. On its turn, you take the AI's inspiration tokens, shake them, and drop them. If none of them falls face-up, the AI takes the leftmost market card. Otherwise, it places the face-up ones in the market and takes the corresponding card. The AI does not complete paintings nor does it score. As soon as you finish your third painting, you count your own score only, and see how well you did according to the given scale.

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