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KS Spotlight: The Mighty Quinn (Unfair Solo Mode)

Come all without, come all within,

You’ll not see nothing like the Mighty Quinn

Unless, of course, you are going to play the solo mode of Unfair. Then you’ll see Quinn, and Quinn will see you. And he’ll mess with you, and humiliate you, until you and your pathetic excuse for a theme park are left in the gutter to wither and die. Funny guy, this Quinn. Funny and very, very smart. He comes with his fancy flowchart to take attractions, blueprints and staff members right before your very nose. And puts them in a warehouse, never to use them. Like I said, he’s just messing with you.

"If your friends can't make it..."

Once again, it may have taken a virus and lockdowns to add a solo mode to this strategic modular theme park builder, and they may not take us very seriously (“if your friends can't make it”, really?), but it’s cool to have it available so solo gamers can enjoy the cynical game as well. It is included in the Unfair Expansion: Comicbook Hacker Kaiju Ocean, that is live on Kickstarter right now, for another 14 days.

You can mix and match all theme packs from the base game and the earlier expansion as well. Depending on the selection you make, you’ll get a points goal to go for. Then, you’ll play the game just like the people with friends do, except in between your turns you put on your reading glasses and do the flowchart magic. Nah, it’s not too bad. And because of this chart, Quinn can consider the game state before picking an action. And be nasty in exactly the way you don’t want him to be. Unfair! Oh yes.

Anyway. Do I want it? Kinda.

👍🏽 It has penguins

👍🏽 It has rockets

👍🏽 It has scary monsters and super heroes

I am sure to get a laugh out of it, and it looks hard enough to see enough plays. But then there’s player mats and stuff, another expansion, dividers that are not included in the box, plus of course the metal Starting Player ticket, and who can play solo without it? Getting it all will be expensive. 😬So yeah, no, maybe. We’ll see.

#Unfair #ComicbookHackerKaijuOcean #Finch #GoodGamesPublishing

(all images taken from the Kickstarter campaign page)

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