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Kaiju Exchange is live

Kaiju Exchange is a 1-4 player economic game in which you are trying to make the most profit by selling Kaiju biomass. The game is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 30 days. There is also a deluxe edition that comes with metal coins, a dice tower, and a Kaiju debt plushie.

You can play Kaiju Exchange solo against an Automaton called Banana Republic. Banana Republic will also try to dominate the Kaiju biomass market, so you must race against it. At the beginning of the game, you choose a city that produces one specific material. You then sell your materials to the market or trade in order to acquire materials that you don't have. You have the option to upgrade your company to maximize production. In the multiplayer game, you can side with Banana Republic and win if Banana Republic achieves victory. In the solo mode, however, you are their sworn rival.

If the game funds in the first 72 hours, the included D4s will be replaced by a custom D8.

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Image source: Kickstarter

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