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Is that a rocket in your pocket?

Martin Wallace's Rocketmen launched on Kickstarter earlier today. It's a space race in which you are an entrepeneur trying to raise money, then send off your rockets on their missions for victory points. The campaign will run for 9 days only. The kickstarter edition comes with a mini launch pad and rocket, plus metal moon and mars coins, miniature space ships and neoprene mats in the higher pledge levels.

The game is a deckbuilder that uses dual-purpose cards. You can play them to buy other cards (that you can use in a later turn) or to start and run a mission (for which you'll need a mission card, a rocket and resources). You'll try to find a balance between good preparations and setting cards aside for lift-off.

The solo mode will use a small deck of AI cards, that will mess with your plans and start missions of its own. The rule book with a further explanation will be added to the campaign some time after funding.

Image source: game page on BGG

The last few weeks questions were raised about the game's title: why do you have to play a man? It has been explained on BGG and in the Kickstarter FAQ that the title honours the three most successful space entrepreneurs of recent times: Bezos, Branson and Musk. However, it's a safe bet that if you are a female backer, the guys at Phalanx will be happy to see you.

Image source: Kickstarter page
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