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I Put a Spell on You

That took me long enough! But here I am, back with a Talisman adventure. As some of you will know, I'm going solo through all the expansions this year. Earlier posts in this series are:


Today we’ll check out the small, originally print-on-demand, expansions The Deep Realms and The Nether Realm. These days they're available in one box as The Lost Realms.

The Nether Realm adds three alternate endings, using an extra adventure deck with some hard and interesting encounters.

The Deep Realms adds a tiny "board" between the City and Dungeon.

I decided not to include the Highland sideboard, because of table space. At the end of the year, with the The Woodland added as well, having a sideboard on every corner, I’ll have to play on the floor. But what floor? I’ll have to move the furniture out.

The alternate ending The Hunt was going to force me to use the new Nether adventure deck, you need to defeat four enemies from that deck to win the game.

My plan for game play today was to visit the Deep Realms from the City when I’d be around 8 craft, to get some extra loot, and then to cross over to the Dungeon. To see most of those realms as well.

I played an evil Wizard who considered himself the rightful heir to the mysterious tower in the Inner Region of the land. A very righteous Knight set out to prevent me from ruling the land.

My starting spells were the powerful Finger of Death (kill a non-playing enemy, or kill your opponent twice 😈) and Strength (gain one much needed strength). And when I had just started my travels, a Loremaster taught me Simulacrum (a lost fight is turned into a stand-off). Just three turns in and I felt invincible. Can’t touch me.

Except this Magical Vortex absorbed my spells and I was left empty-handed. 😭

The Knight meanwhile found an abandoned warhorse, that made him unbeatable in battle. He now could add craft to strength, so had a base of 8 befor the die roll. He was all smug and did not look where he was riding, so he fell in a trap down to the Dungeon. A Goblin sniper managed to surprise him, but was still no match for this overpowered self-righteous douchebag.

I'm going to put up a sign "No Warhorses in the Dungeon". 😠

Some time later, while I was studying the Wanted Posters in the City to see if I could make some cash, the Knight attacked me. I used a lucky charm to force a stand-off. But the Knight used a fate token to re-roll his attack and I lost a life anyway. I should have seen that coming, especially while playing against myself. Could have saved that lucky charm for a better occasion. 🙄

When I was finally out of reach of the Knight again I rolled a 3 for movement and could choose between going to the Tavern or to the City. The Tavern is boring. So I went to the City and visited the Enchantress. I rolled a 1. Oops. I used a fate token and re-rolled. Another 1!

I was turned into a toad.

When I was back to normal and without any possessions, the Knight already stood waiting for me. And killed me. I fled, he followed, and killed me again. I was down to my last life.

I started to feel desperate. Of course at that moment a False Prophet started following me around, nag nag nagging about some vision or other, tugging at my sleeve. I did not have time for this. I pushed him away, then he attacked me. I only just managed a stand-off.

Meanwhile the Knight went to the City and took as much as my former possessions as he could carry. I felt very sorry for myself.

But, no time for that. I really needed to heal now! On my way to the doctor an Ogre decided I was easy prey.

And despite fate tokens and spells, I was indeed.

As I play with a permadeath house rule, this session of Talisman ended after only one hour with this loss. I never saw any of either expansion's cards. In theory I like them though. 😄

👍 The Deep Realms adds some boss fights for lower characters. This fills a gap while levelling up. The bridge between the City and the Dungeon saves you a boring walk through the Outer Region, or lets you escape the Dungeon.

👍 The Nether Realm gives us three alternate endings, and the more endings, the more variation in this 4th Edition. Some of the cards in the adventure deck are brutal, which means they’ll be fun to encounter close to the end play, when you’re usually overpowered for the normal deck.

👍 These expansions will be back on the table for sure.

Disclaimer: Talisman is not a solo game. Don't try this at home.

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Cadet Stimpy
Cadet Stimpy
Oct 28, 2021

"overpowered self-righteous douchebag" 😄

Oh, man, Toadboy again? Bummer.

What's your "permadeath house rule"? Once you're dead, you're permanently dead? 🤔

Cadet Stimpy
Cadet Stimpy
Oct 28, 2021
Replying to

When I "develop" a House Rule, it always makes it easier for me to win. 😄

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