I Put a Spell on You

That took me long enough! But here I am, back with a Talisman adventure. As some of you will know, I'm going solo through all the expansions this year. Earlier posts in this series are:

Today we’ll check out the small, originally print-on-demand, expansions The Deep Realms and The Nether Realm. These days they're available in one box as The Lost Realms.

The Nether Realm adds three alternate endings, using an extra adventure deck with some hard and interesting encounters.

The Deep Realms adds a tiny "board" between the City and Dungeon.

I decided not to include the Highland sideboard, because of table space. At the end of the year, with the The Woodland added as well, having a sideboard on every corner, I’ll have to play on the floor. But what floor? I’ll have to move the furniture out.

The alternate ending The Hunt was going to force me to use the new Nether adventure deck, you need to defeat four enemies from that deck to win the game.

My plan for game play today was to visit the Deep Realms from the City when I’d be around 8 craft, to get some extra loot, and then to cross over to the Dungeon. To see most of those realms as well.

I played an evil Wizard who considered himself the rightful heir to the mysterious tower in the Inner Region of the land. A very righteous Knight set out to prevent me from ruling the land.

My starting spells were the powerful Finger of Death (kill a non-playing enemy, or kill your opponent twice 😈) and Strength (gain one much needed strength). And when I had just started my travels, a Loremaster taught me Simulacrum (a lost fight is turned into a stand-off). Just three turns in and I felt invincible. Can’t touch me.