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The Hunters A.D. 2114 is live (Hunting in the post-apocalypse)

Update: The Hunters A.D. 2114 is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 13 days. If you are a returning backer, you may now pledge for the new expansions: Hybrids is a big campaign with over 30 missions, while New Huntsville and Shiptown offer 3 missions each. If you don't have the base game, you may pledge to get it together or without the expansions. Add-ons include an art book, extra dice, extra minis and sleeves.

Our preview post below was published on April 23.


The 1-4 player cooperative adventure game The Hunters A.D. 2114 returns to Kickstarter on April 27 for a reprint campaign and the launch of the Hybrids and Shiptown expansions.

Image source: Officina Monstrorum Facebook page

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world and evolves through a series of missions linked in a campaign. Each character starts with a weapon and a piece of equipment and, over the course of the game, they will be able to gain experience points and level up. Characters also come with their own action deck which will be used during combat, along with dice rolls. Mechanical animals are among the enemies the player will have to face, and if these are successfully hunted down, they become a source of gear which can be used for hero upgrades. Even though fights take place frequently, a large part of the game is spent traveling to various locations, having encounters, and making choices choose-your-own-adventure style (e.g. A person offers you work. Do you accept to work for them or not?).

Image source: BGG

As soon as the characters take the road to a new location, a die has to be rolled to see if an event takes place. And when they arrive to their destination, a card will describe what they find there and if any actions have to be taken. The adventuring part of the game is open-world, letting the player decide where they want to send their heroes, and how to prioritize their tasks. The characters also have a base in which rooms can be built to provide them with armor, weapons, and medication. The main constraint is time: the missions have to be completed within a specific time frame in order to be successful, otherwise the game is lost.

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