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Hong Kong: Summer 2019 is live

Hong Kong: Summer 2019 is a 2-4 player cooperative game (can be played solo double-handed) in which you play as protesters against the 2019 Hong Kong Extradition bill. The campaign is live on Kickstarter, and it will run for 29 days. The game comes in standee and miniatures versions, and if you back on the first day, you get an Archer hero for free.

Gameplay is based on hand management and deck building. Each hero has their own deck of cards which can be modified to suit their needs depending on the mission. The deck consists of attack, defense, and special moves. On each turn, the player may move, attack, search, save others, or do a special action like deal with tear gas or record a video. When they attack, the attack strength is defined via a dice roll.

Each mission has different objectives such as protecting an area, saving protesters, or gathering evidence of police violence. Your goal is to survive through all the missions that cover the period between June and November.

The creators state that they are releasing the board game to raise awareness to their cause. Since Kickstarter does not allow funding projects for charity and donations, they say they will donate money to protesters from the sales they will make on online stores.


Image source: The game's Facebook page

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