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Hex and counting (Calico is live and funded)

Update: The Kickstarter campaign for Calico is live and funded in no time. You've got 29 days left to check it out. The Kickstarter edition comes with an exclusive double sided promo scoring tile and additional cat tokens.

Image source: Calico Kickstarter page

Our announcement below was published on 6 October.

So, we've got Calico cats and quilts in this game, but don't confuse it with any games by Uwe Rosenberg.

Calico is a little puzzle game where (for solo) you lay a hex tile on your quilt, pick one of three available new ones, throw one out of the market, then fill it for your next turn. Rinse and repeat. Scoring can by done by making general sets (you mark those by sewing buttons or placing cats on them), or personal sets that are defined on your quilt.

Those scoring conditions are variable, so cats will not come to the same pattern every game. The personal goals can be made easy for beginners or hard for when you like a challenge.

Image source: BGG page

Art is by Beth Sobel, and as you would expect from a game called Calico, it has vibrant bright colours. The game will be on Kickstarter 8 October.

Image source: BGG page

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