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Heroic fantasy extravaganza (Heroes & Gods: The Master of Dreams is live)

Update: Heroes & Gods: The Master of Dreams is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 15 days.

Image source: BGG

Our preview post below was published on October 9.


Heroes & Gods: The Master of Dreams is a 1-4 player cooperative fantasy game that can be played in three modes: Ascension, Arena, and Campaigns. I am quoting one of the creators to explain what these are:

"Ascension (solo or free-for-all/coop) - Form a party of Heroes and challenge Death's avatar to battle. Campaign (solo or coop) - Fulfill The Master of Dreams quest. Arena (solo quick-mode for people with little time to play) - Choose your arsenal and defeat certain challenges in a spectacular 1 vs whatever we will throw at you in different combinations".

In the game, you play as a hero from one of four factions: the Aedolas, the Elysar, the Takan, or the Basharii. You can build this hero as you wish: choose skills, equip them with weapons, spells, and allies. The basic actions you can take are exploration, conquest, and trade. When you explore, you search ancient ruins, discover treasures, and face guardians. You will need to battle to raise your status, either against Gods or rival Heroes, and ultimately defeat Death herself. Trade is also important, as it allows you to gain items and weapons. You may offer gifts to other Heroes, bribe enemies or demand that they give you what you want.

The creators emphasize the notion of freedom: from the way you build your hero to the choices you make during gameplay, and the exchanges you will have with other characters, you can customize the gaming experience to your liking.

Heroes & Gods is going to launch on Kickstarter on October 15.

Image source: Heroes & Gods Facebook page

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