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Legend Academy is live (Hero apprentices)

Update: Legend Academy is live on Gamefound and the campaign will run for 27 days. The only pledge level is a deluxe edition and the game will not go to retail. You still get a 30% discount on the imaginary retail price. The game will come with 5 replayable scenarios, each containing two adventures. So far one scenario is finished.

Solo rules still have not been published, but every adventure has an objective and you'll collect victory points, so a combination of win/lose and high score should be possible.

Our preview post below was published on July 31.


Legend Academy is a 1-4 player deck building game in which you are a character from a popular children's tale (e.g. Gulliver's Travels, The Jungle Book, Alice in Wonderland) learning the skills you will need to create your story. It will launch on Gamefound on August 3.

Image source: El Dorado Games Facebook

Upon starting the game, you will open the scenario book and choose the story you wish to play. Each story has its own enemy decks in a tuck box. You will shuffle each deck separately, and also shuffle the Equipment deck, draw 4 Equipment cards and place them face up in the market. You will also select the character (Legend) you will play as, and then shuffle the starting player deck and take a number of coins. You will draw 4 Assignment cards and choose two to keep. Finally, you choose one skill from your skill tree to mark as learned. When you learn a new skill, you take the corresponding skill card and add it to your deck. Skills can be upgraded by adding transparent upgrades in the skill card sleeves.

A full game (school year) is divided in two semesters, and each semester consists of 4 rounds. You have the option of playing one semester and then saving your session to continue at a later time. Each semester is an adventure that your professor is sending you and your classmates to complete, and your goal is to earn the most victory points. Every semester has a different objective which, if not met, will deduct 30 points from your score. You can gain points by completing the assignments you chose at the start of the game, by completing adventure-specific tasks, and from unused stamina on your player board at the end of your turn.

Image source: El Dorado Games Facebook

Your character will spawn on one of the green spaces on the central map. Red spaces represent obstacles, whereas treasure spaces give you the option of either earning coins or buying an Equipment card from the market. On your turn, you may: a) Play a card from your hand into an empty stamina space in a sequence, and then take the action(s) shown on the card. You may continue playing cards from your hand as long as you have enough stamina space. b) Ask for help: when you ask for help, another player chooses to either draw a card, move 2 spaces or gain 3 VPs. After they choose, you are allowed to use the benefit shown on their "Ask for help" badge. c) Use Equipment to gain an additional action on your turn.

When you finish your turn, it is time to go to class. At this stage, you may get to upgrade one of your skills, place a cube onto one of the desks of the Academy board, and "take the class" to learn a new skill or gain other bonuses. At the end of this step, the enemies take their turn. You will flip the enemy cards one by one and activate that enemy type (it may move or attack). If a Legend takes damage, they lose the victory points shown on the enemy card. Enemy cards also determine the spawning of new enemies on the map. At the end of the 8th round, the game ends and you proceed to scoring. Solo rules have not been revealed yet.

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