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Here Comes That Fuzzy Feeling

The best (gaming) month of the year is here again: Dicember! Dicember is a yearly challenge on BoardGameGeek, organized by user DjaliRioT, to play dice games in, well yes, December.

And I ❤️ 🎲.

Image source: user DjaliRioT, BGG

I've joined the normal challenge of playing 15 (or more) unique dice games. The first day was reserved for Pocket Landship. It is one of my all-time favourite small games, I have played the free 9-card print and play version over 100 times. This feat got me my name on a card of the retail version, so it will always be dear to me. When I logged today's play it turned out that it had been a year since I'd last played this game - during Dicember 2021. I felt stupid, as I really enjoyed my session. I should not have kept this in the small-games-drawer for so long. I'll put it a bit more in sight.

Pocket Landship has very simple gameplay, and as it is a dice game you may be fooled into thinking it's all about luck, but it takes some skill. A well-timed emergency repair can win you the game (or, pushing your luck and going without repairing instead, may very well lose you the game). Also the retail box has lots of cards both for configuring your landship as with enemies to take on, and this variety also means you may have to adjust your approach a little every time you play.

Good times. One down, fourteen to go. I have not planned which other dice games I'm going to play this month - I must have over fifty to choose from. I'll report twice later this month, each time after I've played seven games. For now, I've retreated all comfy to my land of fuzzy dice. Nice.

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