• JW

Halloween costumes: November KS Grumpy

Athena: Booooo! Boo, comrade!

JW: *startled* Athena, what are you dressed up as?

Athena: A ghost, obviously.

JW: And why are you holding a toy hammer and sickle?

Athena: I am the ghost of communism! Don't you know the first line of the manifesto? Also, Soviet Dawn is coming back from the dead and launching this month! But I see you're also draped in a sheet...

JW: Yes, come worship this wand!

Athena: *blushing* JW!!!

JW: What?! I am the fire god in Elements of the Gods, silly. It's the new Kickstarter by Side Room Games.

Athena: Oh, phew. At least you didn't choose Atlantis Rising. It's also launching an expansion.

JW: Couldn't fit in the harpy's dress. Here. You try it on.

Athena: Hmpf. A bit tight. *looks up* Why are you wearing a diaper?

JW: I'm doing that euro worker placement train game now. I don't know why they called it The Incontinental.

Athena: Transcontinental.

Image source: BGG

JW: Oh, trans! Man, I need new glasses. Oh well, back to the dressing-up box. Here. Try this *throws a bundle* I'll try... Hmpf. I'm getting too old for this. Hngrmph.

Athena: *looking over her shoulder* You may wan