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Halloween costumes: November KS Grumpy

Athena: Booooo! Boo, comrade!

JW: *startled* Athena, what are you dressed up as?

Athena: A ghost, obviously.

JW: And why are you holding a toy hammer and sickle?

Athena: I am the ghost of communism! Don't you know the first line of the manifesto? Also, Soviet Dawn is coming back from the dead and launching this month! But I see you're also draped in a sheet...

JW: Yes, come worship this wand!

Athena: *blushing* JW!!!

JW: What?! I am the fire god in Elements of the Gods, silly. It's the new Kickstarter by Side Room Games.

Athena: Oh, phew. At least you didn't choose Atlantis Rising. It's also launching an expansion.

JW: Couldn't fit in the harpy's dress. Here. You try it on.

Athena: Hmpf. A bit tight. *looks up* Why are you wearing a diaper?

JW: I'm doing that euro worker placement train game now. I don't know why they called it The Incontinental.

Athena: Transcontinental.

Image source: BGG

JW: Oh, trans! Man, I need new glasses. Oh well, back to the dressing-up box. Here. Try this *throws a bundle* I'll try... Hmpf. I'm getting too old for this. Hngrmph.

Athena: *looking over her shoulder* You may want to put something over that.

JW: Looks down. Yes, you're right. Why on earth did he wear this? Well, at least we know why the Merry Men went Rescuing Robin Hood. Give me that robot suit for burncycle.

Athena: I say keep the tights on and pretend to play the lute. Sing the tales in Bardsung.

JW: I'm definitely not hanging around in a leotard, will you take long in there?

Athena: Done! *turns around* Arr yarr matey. Hand me the booty or I'll crush ye barnacles!

JW: Shiver me timbers! You actually had me scared there for a moment. So. Are we going to be SeaRovers?

Athena: Nah. *takes off her eye patch* I'm already bored with Halloween. Do we have to go out?

JW: Every once in a while we have to act like normal people, in our Pursuit of Happiness.

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The Incontinental? Is that like the Poo Choo train?

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