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Grumpily Marching on

JW: Well, we can act as if there are a lot of interesting games next month, but everybody will be backing Frosthaven, right? Because that's just what we needed. 100 more scenarios. I always found Gloomhaven a bit lacking for content. Athena: Why so many? Don't we have other games to play? Frost has much better artwork than the original but very complicated characters, seems like a chore to play.

JW: And another Shem trilogy comes to an end with Viscounts of the West Kingdom. North Sea, West Kingdom, you know from here on it will just go South. Athena: Moving on: Chronicles of Crime Millennium series. App-based. I hate apps. JW: Chai: Tea for 2 doesn't have an app. Athena: But it's not Tea for 1. Then we have Pax Pamir: a game that thrives on negotiation and player interaction. Why ruin it by playing solo? And Dark Ages, I don't see why solo this either. JW: No friends. Anyway, I can't afford it, and I hate it that they split the game in two boxes. Too bad. I was kind of attracted to those mini buildings. But I see Starlight comes with some nice spaceship minis. Athena: And that is all they show. The KS preview has only two illustrations and many big promises. But the silly SF dungeon crawler Secret Unknown Stuff: Escape from Dulce must be right up your alley. JW: Yes! I almost backed it the first time and I am pretty sure I will almost back it this time. Athena: It's a bit too trashy for me. JW: Is that even possible? Want to play Ravage: Swamps of Delgor then? Athena: 'Finally an orc dungeon crawler'. I don't recall ever wanting to play as an orc.

JW: But the green skin really brings out your eyes.

Athena: Veilwraith. I am one of the three people in the whole board gaming community who don't like this artwork. JW: Well, I don't think anyone buys Tristan's games for the artwork. Oh wait.

Athena: Pandemain: Traditional Farmers' Bread seems like a good euro. But I don't like bots. JW: Did you ever try one? Or is it just robophobia? Athena: I see them as very annoying opponents. I would play with real people if I kneaded that. Anyway...

JW: Planet Unknown. Polyominoes! Oh look, it has a lazy Susan in the middle.

Athena: Useful for snacks!

Image source: BGG

Athena: You are an avid reader, JW, how about The Shivers?

JW: My daughter's too old for pop-up books now. And I'll be damned if I read them out to myself.

Athena: Graphic Novel Adventures then.

JW: That's not a game. Please stop bringing it up.

Athena: How about the very pretty Thundergryph match box series? There will be five games. Rebis, Space Lunch and Golems,

JW: Space Lunch and Golems? Sounds cool! Athena: It's two games, pay attention. 15 Days, JW: Yeah, I read about gameplay. I'll fall asleep on the first day. Athena, unperturbed: and Eiyo. JW: Ah! Is it by The Police? "Ee-oh, ee-oh, ee-i-yo!" Haven't shouted that in a while, makes me feel young again. "Ee-oh, ee-oh, ee-yay-yo! Yay-yo! Yay-yo! Yay yay yay! Yay yay yay! ..."

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