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Grove is the New Agropolis

Stop the presses! This just in. The Solitaire Times Official Revisioned Recommendation for 18-card tile laying games. I know it's just four days since our previous recommendation, but that's the modern age for you, blink your eye and the world as you knew it is gone. So. Where it said Sprawlopolis, please read Orchard. Where it said Agropolis, please read Grove. Where it said dull, now read dull-icious!

Grove is our Solitaire Select for July 2022.

Is it that good? No, it's even better. The main changes from Orchard are:

  • There are now empty spaces (called 'glades') on the cards, making placement easier, while at the same time giving you more options for planning - and they don't help for scoring themselves.

  • Counting points is way easier and now feels logical: just check how many fruit is pictured on each tree. Until you pass 6 that is, after that there's still a jump to 10 (basket) and you can even try to get one of your trees to 15 (filling a wheelbarrow).

  • Substracting points has also become easier with the squirrel (that has replaced the rotten fruit tokens) - and the exact placement of this pesky animal matters, so there's even more to ponder.

  • There's now an optional variant using recipes, that brings goals to aim for and opportunities for scoring bonus points. It also provides a win/lose condition for those that want it (not unlike the one in the Sprawlopolis family).


  • The illustrations are sweet and simple and easy on the eyes.

  • Placing the dice counters on overlapping trees is a dorky dexterity mini game.

  • It's still hard for me to get a great score or win.

  • But you'll always be rewarded with a peachy pun at the end.

All in all there's much more variation, and more brain burning goodness. It's a giant step for gaming gardeners. Like I said, forget the competition. Get into the Grove.

Those first few sessions I did not score better than "juiced enough". And I failed all the recipies. But I'm hooked. Good, good fun.

And what's up next for the fantastic fruit farmers? We had apples, pears and plums in Orchard. Oranges, lemons and limes in Grove. Which leaves us with. Ooooooh, naughty. Looks like the final installment in this trilogy is going to have "18+" cards...

🍑 🍌 🍒

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