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Gremlins mess with your thingamajics (Wacky Widgets is live)

Wacky Widgets is a 1-4 player competitive/cooperative game by the duo of designers behind Games for Friends and Lovers (they make co-op variants for competitive games).

In the cooperative mode, which interests us here, you have a team of gnomes working in a cave. Your goal is to build different machines (thingamajics, doohickeys etc.) to get points, and ultimately please the gnome king. You do this by flipping and rotating cards on a grid. Each card depicts a part of machinery, and you are trying to make card connections. Every now and then, a gremlin shows up and gets in the way of your building. Getting rid of them may cost you time, though, so you have to decide what the best course of action is.

The Kickstarter campaign will run for 27 days.

Update September 26: The Kickstarter was cancelled, to be relaunched at a future date.

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You may watch the designers play the game in the video below:

Image source: BGG

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