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Greenland adventure

Nuuk is a 1-2 players co-operative resource management card game. In this game, you lost all of your money during a trip in the Arctic (we told you not to pledge for that big new shiny KS during vacation!), and must now recover 21 krone (Greenland currency) within 18 days by visiting villages, learning new skills, and trading goods efficiently. Nuuk consists of 20 cards and will only be available in PnP format. The Kickstarter campaign will launch on November 9.

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You start the game with a random supply of resources that you draw from the village deck (each village card features a random starting supply on its back). Then, each round (or day), you draw a new village card. Each village card lists four trading actions, of which you can take up to two (including twice the same). These trading actions allow you to exchange one type of good for another, of which there are six: fish, fur, fruit, wood, stone, and krone.

Each village card also lists two actions, some being optional (including the opportunity to learn a new skill), some being mandatory (for instance the mandatory “Cold” action forces you to lose any two resources). Some actions require some skills to be performed (e.g. in one village, you can earn fish for free if you have learned the fishing skill). However, to learn new skills, you must spend one additional day in that village. Some villages also offer you the opportunity to use a snowmobile to visit another village within the same day.

Image source: BGG

When all 18 rounds have elapsed, you must pick one of the four available shipyards to try to get a boat. Each shipyard offers distinct possibilities to perform a few last trades to get rid of your remaining resources, thus giving you an ultimate chance to gather enough krone to purchase a ticket back to warmer latitudes.

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