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Glorious Day for the release of Aliens

Gale Force 9 is finally starting the distribution of the long-awaited Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps to retail on December 5. This is a 1-6 player cooperative adventure game based on the Aliens IP, and it will be released along with two expansions: Ultimate Badasses and Get Away From Her, You Bitch!

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In Aliens, you are playing as a team of Colonial Marines sent to investigate an exoplanet colony that has unexpectedly broken contact. Each character in the game has a hero and a grunt side, with the hero side being more powerful. After you select the heroes you want to play, the rest of the characters will be used as grunts.

Each hero starts equipped with one or two weapons and equipment cards from the Endurance deck. The rest of the deck is then shuffled and used throughout the game to track ammo, resources, and the endurance of the team. The deck consists of Weapon, Equipment, Event and Hazard cards. If the Endurance deck ever runs out, you lose the game. Characters also have their own aim dials which track how accurate their shooting is. The dial is first set at the number shown on the character card. When that character shoots an alien, you roll a die and the result must be equal to or lower than their shooting value to be successful.

Image source: BGG

Each round has a Marine phase, an Alien phase, and a Finish phase. In the Marine phase, you activate all the characters. In the Aliens phase, you activate the Aliens and spawn new ones on the board. In the Finish phase, you check for victory or loss conditions.

During the Marine activation, you first reset their aim dial to its default value and then resolve any activation abilities they have on their card, and equip them with weapons. Each character can perform up to two actions: Move, Attack, Barricade/Unbarricade a door, Increase their aim dial by 1, Interact with something on the board, Perform a card action or Rest (draw a card or recycle exhausted cards). After you activate a hero, you then activate as many grunts as the hero's rank allows.

In the Alien phase, the Aliens move towards the closest character with a speed of 6. When an Alien approaches a character, before it attacks them, all characters up to 4 spaces away from the Alien can shoot it. If the Alien survives, then the target character can try to defend themselves by rolling a die and hoping the result is equal to or lower than their defense value. If the result is also equal to or lower than the character's melee, they have killed the Alien. If the roll fails, the character is knocked out, and if the roll is a 10, the character dies and is removed from the game. Knocked down characters may be captured by the Aliens (and rescued later, when you play the Rescue mission).

Image source: BGG

Any Blip tokens on the board will then activate: they move and attack the closest character. When the Blip enters a character's line of sight, it is spotted. You flip the Blip token to reveal how many Aliens it was hiding and replace it with an Alien mini (and Alien tokens underneath the mini if it's a swarm). Then the attack is dealt with as explained above. After all Aliens and Blips have been resolved, you draw Motion Tracker cards and spawn new Blip tokens on the board.

Finally, in the Finish phase, if you have completed the objective of the mission you are playing, you win. If all characters are killed, knocked out, or captured, it's game over. Missions can be played individually or linked in a campaign.

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