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Get your ducks in a row

The pick-up-and-deliver set collection game Ducks in Tow that is currently on Kickstarter, has added a single player mode using a dummy player. The campaign is almost in its last 48 hours.

In Ducks in Tow you move across a park built from modular tiles. You've got four actions per turn and the solo game takes nine rounds. You may take location actions, to get food for example. Then feed ducks you encounter, so they'll start following you around. Once you've collected enough ducks, you can put locations cards from your hand to your tableau. You will need to complete three specific formations to win the solo game, and can count your score to see how big a win it was (getting points for the longest rows of same-coloured ducks, just like in the multiplayer game).

Here's the designer doing a playthrough of the solo mode:

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