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Get the pizzas rolling

Mozzaroller is a 1-4 player set collection and push-your-luck game in which you are trying to fulfill the most customer orders in a pizzeria. It is currently available in German and French game stores, with the English rules being available to download from BGG.

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In the solo mode of Mozzaroller, you will be competing against Angelo, the owner of the pizzeria. In each round, you will reveal 6 cards from the pizza deck. The cards show different kinds of pizzas, their ingredients, and the customer who ordered them. You will then roll your dice, and assign at least one topping to one of the pizzas. You can add more dice toppings but only to the same pizza until you complete its ingredients. Once you fulfill an order, you can then add dice to another pizza, on either side of the one you finished.

You may reroll your dice as many times as you want, as long as you add at least one die to an unfinished pizza or a new order. Your turn ends when you can no longer add a topping to an order. You take all the pizza cards you completed, and receive a penalty chip for each unfinished order. Angelo scoops up any pizzas you haven't been able to complete.

Image source: BGG

Every time you have the majority of cards in a customer colour, you take the associated delivery driver token. Angelo may take that token from you, if he happens to have more cards in that colour as the game progresses. In the 8th round, you reveal 8 cards instead of 6 and, after you assign the dice, you proceed to scoring. You win if you have gained more points than Angelo.

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