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Spirits of the Forest: Moonlight is live (Gathering Moonlight)

Update: Spirits of the Forest: Moonlight is live on Kickstarter and the campaign will run for 15 days. You may back either the cardboard or the wooden edition of the expansion or combine it with a copy of the base game.

Our preview post below was published on July 15.


Spirits of the Forest: Moonlight is an expansion to the 1-4 player abstract strategy game Spirits of the Forest. It will launch on Kickstarter on July 21.

Image source: BGG

This expansion introduces a cooperative mode also suitable for solo play. The game comes with an 8-scenario journal, with each scenario showing a different configuration of the tiles during setup. Scenarios have to be played in order, and you will be playing against an AI.

When you set up the game, a Light Nocturnal Creature and a Shadow Nocturnal Creature will be placed on two different tiles, and a number of Moonlight bits will occupy certain positions on the grid. On each turn, you will remove one tile adjacent to each of the Nocturnal Creatures according to removal rules, and choose to either keep it for yourself or give it to the AI. Then, you move the Nocturnal Creatures to any surrounding tile and add a new tile if there is an empty space available.

If the Light Nocturnal Creature moves to a space with a Moonlight bit, you take the bit. If the Shadow Nocturnal Creature moves to a space with a bit, the AI takes it. The game ends when you cannot remove any more tiles, at which point you calculate the score for you and the AI.

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