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Games of 2021 I'm curious about

One of these days I'm going to post a list of games that are expected to launch on Kickstarter next year, both here and in the 1PG. For this article, I selected a few that caught my attention. They are not 'my most anticipated', because I'm driven more by curiosity than enthusiasm. Call it Kickstarter fatigue or that I'm difficult to please but I'm not going crazy over any of them.

I'm eager to be surprised, however, and I change my mind relatively easily. It's still too soon anyway, many more games will appear as time goes by, so I'm sure I'll find something to be excited about. In any case, my choices for now are:

1. Materia Prima: The Inquisition

Image source: BGG

This expansion adds a cooperative campaign to the base game. Materia Prima is themed around alchemy and searching for the philosopher's stone. You gather resources, send out your homunculi to bring you things you need and, with the expansion added in, face the Inquisitors and state control. The artwork is in a hand-drawn, fairy tale-like style. I wish it didn't look so much like a children's game, but I can live with it. I think. If not, there is always Trismegistus.

2. Kingdoms Forlorn

Image source: Kingdoms Forlorn Facebook page

Very little is known about this game. It is by the team behind Aeon Trespass: Odyssey. A co-op dungeon crawler in which you visit different territories (kingdoms) to kill monsters and gain loot. How does it play? Who knows. It has interesting minis (an egg-headed knight, a conquistador with a monkey, an armored dragon). And a 'living lure' hunter walking around with steaks hanging from his neck.

3. Hoplomachus: Victorum

Image source: BGG

Might this be my first Chip Theory game? Solitaire campaign dice-driven play. It is not yet clear if this takes place in an arena like the other Hoplo games but most likely it does. Like others have said, will we see monsters of the ancient Greek mythology like hydras, medusae, cyclopes etc.? How replayable is the campaign? An important question this one, given that chips and mats are quite expensive.

4. Sankokushin: Five Sacrifices

Image source: BGG

An ambitious project promising an engaging narrative that is not on rails, and 'intelligent' enemies with different personalities. Combat will be dice-driven with the option of 'chatting' with the enemy and resolving matters through diplomacy. The artwork is certainly well-made and the minis look impressive. How good the gameplay is remains to be seen.

Honorable mentions

Lands of Galzyr and Agemonia

Image source: BGG

I lumped these two together, not because they are both by Finnish companies, but because they have storybooks. I've sworn off storybooks after Tainted Grail, so I only mention them because they otherwise seem pleasant. The animal characters in Lands of Galzyr have an interesting-looking wheel of stats. They move around the map having encounters that you will read about in the book, choose your own adventure-style.

Image source: BGG

Agemonia is closer to my tastes visually but, again, the storybook kills the deal. The gameplay has you explore various locations, read what happens when you interact with a spot, and resolve tests and combat by doing skill checks with your dice.


Please let us know of your own most anticipated Kickstarters of 2021. What did I miss, what else might be worth looking into? I'm all eyes and ears.

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