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Crowdfunding games launching this week (June 6-12)

It's a quiet week for crowdfunding, but here is what we have a store for the following days (mostly tomorrow, actually).

First in Flight is a game about the pioneers of aviation, and is mechanically based on push-your-luck and deck-building mechanisms. You will perform repeated test flights and refine your flyer until it finally works. Launching on June 7.


Survive Until Daylight is set in a zombie post-apocalyptical setting. Each day, you must prepare for the upcoming night, foraging the ruins in order to craft valuable items out of the scraps you gather. Survive six waves and it's a win! The game is apparently a re-implementation of Until Daylight, a game I have owned and sold years later while still in shrink. So, I can't say anything about how good the game is or isn't! Also, this time solo is fully integrated into the gameplay, and the game apparently comes with 0 plastic. Launching on June 7.


We also have a wargame incoming, Wars of Religion, France 1562-1598, which depicts the bloody warfare opposing Catholics and Protestants. In the game, you have six turns to attempt to shape history as you deem fit. It will likely feature St. Bartholomew's Day massacre, which might be, at least for the French, the most famous event to have taken place in sixteenth century France. Launching on June 10.


Finally, I'm not sure when it will launch (actually, I have no clue), but I'm getting increasingly spammed about Aeon's End: Past and Future, so I guess it might launch soon. I can't guarantee it will be this week though.

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