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Galaxy Dice EX is live

The 1-4 player dice rolling and push-your-luck game Galaxy Dice EX is live on Kickstarter, and the campaign will run for 29 days. You may pledge for the PnP version, or the standard base game, or the deluxe edition with upgraded components and PnP expansion (or pay more to see yourself on a card). And if you feel like splashing out, you can also add a custom Arcade box to store your game. (No EU-friendly shipping).

Image source: KIckstarter page

To play the game, you first draw four stage planets (desert planet, oceans, volcano, mecha.). Each of the planet cards displays a set of symbols that you have to match with your dice roll in order to progress. You also have a set of bosses that you will reach after you pass the first stage. Each boss card has its own symbols for your dice to match. If you defeat a boss, you get one extra die. If you roll 3 explosion symbols, and have no way to cancel them, your turn immediately ends and you gain 2 tokens (you can spend tokens to re-roll). The solo mode has a small variation in the tokens your receive and it is beat-your-own-score.

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