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Gùgōng: Pànjūn

Gùgōng: Pànjūn is a deluxe expansion to Gùgōng, a 1-5 player worker placement and set collection game by Andreas Steding. The base game is set in 16th century China, where players take on the role of power-hungry families who bribe the officials with gifts until they manage to receive an audience with the emperor.

The expansion contains four modules which can be added to the game separately or all at once. These are: a peasant rebellion, a visit to the emperor's summer palace, a choice of the way your envoy approaches the emperor, and extra decrees and gift cards.

The Kickstarter campaign will commence on September 2, and backers will be able to purchase a velvet slipcase to store both base game and expansion into, or a deluxe velvet big box.

(PS. When dust sits on velvet-y fabrics, it shows).

Image source: Game Brewer Facebook page

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